Louisville Slugger LXT Plus FPLX161 (-11) Fastpitch Softball Bat

The LXT line of fastpitch softball bats has been one of the most advanced bats Louisville Slugger has ever released. With the release of the LXT PLUS, Louisville has made improvements to the already progressive construction of the LXT bat. So the trusted performance of the LXT carries over and even outdoes itself as the LXT PLUS fastpitch softball bat.

The FPLX161 (-11) is for the advanced youth hitter. With the biggest length-to-weight differential, it makes for a very light and balanced weight distribution, which makes it easy for the younger player to swing well and with control.

The barrel is composed of Performance PLUS composite with a zero friction double wall design and S1iD aluminum inner disc. The Performance PLUS composite is an improved composite from the previous Pure 360 composite found in older LXT models. The zero friction design allows for maximum flex and trampoline effect in the barrel. The S1iD technology, a carryover feature from the previous LXT, allows for a more forgiving barrel and extended sweet spot. The handle is also composed of the resilient Performance PLUS composite, which remains stiff at contact for maximum energy transfer. Connecting the barrel to the handle is Louisville’s heart and soul of the LXT – the TRU3 3-piece connection. The TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection allows for slight movement between the barrel and handle to maximize the barrel trampoline effect and eliminate negative vibration. By placing a rod within the connection piece, the LXT virtually eliminates all vibration and maintains the balanced weight distribution, for the most pop and control at the plate.

While some technology is carried over from previous LXT models, the Performance PLUS composite with the zero friction double wall design takes the LXT PLUS to a new level of performance. And with the (-11) drop weight, the LXT PLUS is the perfect bat for the youth player looking to take her game to the next level.

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