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Fastpitch Softball Multiple Tournament Listings


• Tournament details,
• MULTIPLE tournament Listings (must be submitted at the same time for volume pricing)
• Direct link to your website
• Each individual listing comes with a no charge, one-time revision. Any additional revisions of dates, cancellations or information, will be charged at $2.99 per revision.

All BASIC MULTIPLE tournament listings are good through December 31 of the tournament year.

Rate Sheet and Pricing options for BASIC MULTIPLE  Tournament listings:

Submit 1-2 Tournament(s)- Total $3.25*
Submit 3-5 Tournaments- Total $7.50*
Submit 6-10 Tournaments- Total $12.50*
Submit 11-20 Tournaments- Total $24.00*
Submit 21-30 Tournaments- Total $35.50*

Contact us if you would like to add a logo or flyer with your submission.

*You must submit all your information for MULTIPLE TOURNAMENT listings together at the same time for the above discount pricing. Example: one submission for multiple tournaments.
Separate or multiple submissions of TOURNAMENTS will be charged per tournament at the regular price.

* All pricing is subject to change.

Fastpitch Softball Multiple Tournament Order Form


We strive to list quality tournaments on First Choice and reserve the right to post information or tournaments at our discretion.

We respect your privacy, therefore your email information will never be shared or sold. We reserve the right to not list or post supplied information if deemed unrelated or not appropriate.

Your listing will be removed if the link you have provided us for the listing has changed, is no longer working, or has been corrupted.