Fundraising Resources

Need help with team expenses? We have listed some fundraising resources that can help with those extra team costs.

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Gold Canyon Candles

15 Top-Selling Scents, ready to give in Decorative Boxes!
40% of sales go to the team right away: Keep your portion upon earning.
Call me at (760) 953-7757 or email at


Ternero Farms Olive Oil

AWARD WINNING Extra Virgin Olive Oil, bottles with YOUR own label, straight from the farmer! As a mom of twin athletes, I was so tired of the junk we had to sell for our teams. We should practice what we preach and that’s when I realized, I’m a farmer and need to make a change. 

Lisa Ternero/Owner, or 916-508-5325

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Wilson Fastpitch Gloves

Wilson Fastpitch Gloves-Click for more info.